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"Mommy & Me" Photoshoot

Mother and children share a silent bond. A feeling of trust, security, belonging and unconditional love that no other relationship has.

As parents, we understand this link very well. And we also know how fleeting childhood is - one day we're rocking them to sleep, and the next day they're asking us to drop them off a block away from school.

And we fathers try our best to save all the precious moments that are left in between, but mothers are constantly behind the camera. And this is because most of the time it is the mother who takes the photos. But when we're lucky enough to have someone to take the camera, or we're tired or we're not in good shape, any excuse really works to postpone our photography.

Furthermore, our day-to-day life always wins. Housework, running to school, work... it's easy to get lost in the daily battles of life, and before you know it, opportunities become increasingly scarce.

But what if it were possible to press the pause button, and take a moment to enjoy that time just for you and your child, while being lovingly pampered to create unique and wonderful memories that you will both cherish forever?

Mommy&Me sessions are intended to be an experience to share with your child, and create memories they will never forget.

sessão fotográfica mamã e bebé fotografia mãe e filha ensaio estúdio mommy and me

What is the Mommy&Me session about?

Imagine a calm, warm and relaxing environment, with music capable of elevating your senses where we will play, rock, cuddle and breastfeed (if you want). Here we close the door to all problems, news and noise from outside, giving space solely and exclusively to a pure moment between mother and child.

sessão fotográfica mamã e bebé fotografia mãe e filha ensaio estúdio mommy and me

The aim is to create stunning images, captured spontaneously, and in a way that reflects the elegance and warmth of a simple, minimalist and intimate setting where your relationship and your love are the protagonists.

This is a session that celebrates motherhood and all the changes it brings to our lives.

sessão fotográfica mamã e bebé fotografia mãe e filha ensaio estúdio mommy and me

Celebrate motherhood!

We support our children at every stage of their lives, and between tantrums and tears, ups and downs, scraped knees and skinned noses - being a mother is a daily and inexplicable challenge.

But without a doubt, with all this work we receive immeasurable rewards. Their first smiles, their first laughs, their first words and their first steps fill us with a joy never felt before. But then comes the first day of sleeping alone in your room, the first day of daycare, the first day of school, the first day of university, among many others. And along the way we lose track of time, because we are so focused on their well-being and their achievements, that when we realize they are already grown up.

But it's part of our development as mothers to realize that we can't always be there. The fundamental thing is to know that, even though we weren't always there in the front row, we were always that pillar of comfort and unconditional love.

Capturing this love between mother and son or mother and daughter is a perfect way to remember your child forever as a baby or child, but also for your child to remember forever how special their mother is.

sessão fotográfica mamã e bebé fotografia mãe e filha ensaio estúdio mommy and me

How it works?

The Mommy&Me photo session is carried out solely and exclusively in our studio, in simple and minimalist settings, and with a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, so that your child feels safe and comfortable at all times.

In our studio we have a wardrobe and accessories for mom and baby, to help complement the session.

We have a bathroom, snacks and drinks, sofa and changing area and diaper changing area so that your family can watch comfortably if you wish to bring a companion.

How long is the session?

The duration of the session will always depend on the plan chosen, as well as the age and consequently the disposition of your child, but they generally last around 1 hour.

What happens during a Mommy&Me photo shoot?

All of our sessions include a pre-session meeting, where the ideas and expectations that each client has are discussed, we get to know their tastes, and we talk a little about how to prepare the baby/child and what you should/can bring to the session. We create a kind of plan, so that the client can come fully informed and prepared, knowing what to count on and what to expect, and we establish the type of clothing desired.

Throughout the entire session, our priority is always the comfort and well-being of mother and baby.

Is the Mommy&Me session just for babies or young children?

Even as a teenager, your child will always be your child, and being a mother is a task that only becomes more difficult over time... never easier. Therefore, it would not make sense for us to restrict this session to babies, so we will be happy to schedule a session for you and your child, no matter how old they are.

The aim of this type of photo session is to capture unique and unforgettable moments that portray the special bond between mother and child, which is why children, teenagers and adults of any age are welcome.

sessão fotográfica mamã e bebé fotografia mãe e filha ensaio estúdio mommy and me

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