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What to wear to your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is an experience that goes far beyond 40 weeks of gestation.

It is in fact the most beautiful phase of a woman's existence (despite all the physical and hormonal changes), and therefore it is also a moment full of new experiences and sensations that will always bring a smile to parents' faces when they remember it.

Therefore, it is natural that moms increasingly want to keep a physical and eternally real memory of these weeks of pure magic and emotion.

Recording your pregnancy in images is something that many couples choose to do, resorting to a pregnancy photo session.

And since photographs can have different scenarios, surroundings, poses and props, it is not easy to choose the studio, the setting and the clothes that will enhance your body in this phase of so many changes.

Pregnant woman in a white openwork mesh dress at a pregnancy photo shoot. She has her hands on the back of her hips. Her belly is in the central part of the photo and her face does not appear

Whether with a lot, little or no clothes, our passion is photographing pregnant women.

If for some moms, nude pregnancy photography isn't a big deal, for others it's quite difficult to digest the idea of ​​undressing in front of a camera and a photographer they don't know anywhere.

In a session, the ideal is to always combine a little of both types of body exposure, but regardless of the style of session you choose to do, the important thing is that your baby is the star. If you always have this as your main premise, the choice will be much easier. In any case, here are some important tips to take into consideration when choosing the clothes to wear in your pregnancy photo session:

1 - The first step is to determine whether you would like to do a session in the studio or outdoors. This is an aspect that is very dependent on your personal preference, but also on the weather conditions at the time you are taking your photo session.

Studio pregnancy photographs always provide very intimate and cozy photographs, while outdoor photo sessions allow for a greater diversity of colors, textures and backgrounds.

2 - Decide who you would like to take with you to your session.

Sessions with escorts are always more relaxed sessions, and often turn into real family sessions. Moms often choose not to register their second pregnancy, especially when they have already done so with the first, but the truth is that there is nothing like a photo of the older brother snuggling the baby in his belly.

Having said that, and having decided on these points, here is our advice:

Try long dresses

Long, foot-length or knee-length dresses are incredibly flattering for a pregnant woman's body.

They allow you to enhance your beautiful belly and at the same time hide areas of your body that you consider problematic.

Try to find a fluid dress with texture in your wardrobe, or a tight, plain dress. If you don't have it, don't worry. You don't need to go on a shopping spree if you realize at the last minute that you don't have this item in your wardrobe. In our studio we offer countless pieces that will certainly fit you wonderfully, and highlight the curves that characterize this beautiful phase you are experiencing.

Pregnant woman wearing a white dress with an opening on the left side up to the upper thigh. The dress has no straps or sleeves. She is smiling and with her hands on her stomach

Solid colors work best

You have a fantastic dress that fits you wonderfully, but it has a vibrant color or a flowery pattern. When in doubt, bring it.

But know that in general we like to opt for neutral tones and solid (plain) colored fabrics.

And this is simply because we want your photos to remain current for as long as possible.

We prefer to leave out elements that could make the photo look outdated, or that could be distracting, taking the spotlight away from your face and your fantastic, beautiful belly.


Find a nice, simple belt to accentuate that beautiful belly.

This will define your waist (despite it being a few centimeters higher) and improve the way any shirt or dress fits you.

Bring two outfits (or three)

When you book your session we will give you all the necessary information regarding the items of clothing that are mandatory and those that are optional to bring. But in any case, it is always advisable to bring two or three pieces and/or sets.

You will certainly be happy when you see your photos and realize that even though that fantastic dress didn't fit you so well.

As I imagined, we took photos with other pieces of clothing that worked beautifully.

Fair vs fluid

Wearing a form-fitting maternity dress, that highlights all your beautiful curves, looks absolutely stunning.

Many women feel uncomfortable wearing tight pieces, but know that if you choose the right dress, you will certainly look great.

Flowy dresses are more popular because they are less revealing, but they both make stunning photos!

If you can, bring one of each.

Silhouette of a pregnant woman at a photo shoot. She wears a voile fabric, she is standing, in profile, with her hands on her belly

Keep accessories to a minimum

Keep your jewelry and accessory selection simple so the focus of your photos is on your belly.

Add a seasonal touch

Is it spring? Choose soft, pastel colors. It's winter? Go with light blue and white, fresh and cold.

It's summer? Add a sun hat. It's fall? Find a scarf or lightweight scarf.

Stay away from trends when choosing your outfit.

Don't date your photos with fashionable color combinations or current trends. Fads come and go, and you don't want to choose something that might go out of style. What we want is for your photos to be timeless and you definitely don't want to look at your photos in a few years and wonder what was going through your head when you chose your outfit. We also suggest that you opt for neutral colors that produce timeless photos that put the focus on your wonderful belly.

Coordinate outfits for family photos

It is very important to have well-coordinated clothes. It is very important that you choose your, your partner's and your child's (if any) clothes, taking into account that you will be taking some photographs together, and therefore your clothes must be coordinated.

Having complementary colors and clothes is essential for a successful session.

Normally the focus is on denim and whites, blues and greys. But feel free to be creative!

If you need help, ask your photographer!

Quick tip: try to avoid the whites and jeans that everyone wears, or even brightly colored clothes.

The most interesting thing is to color in a coordinated and complementary way!

Black and white photo of a pregnant woman in a photo studio. She wears panties and a long-sleeved garment with her belly exposed. She has her eyes closed, looking to the side and her hands on the sides of her belly

Don't feel ashamed to ask us for tips on the clothes you should bring to your photo shoot.

We are ready to help and love to answer all the questions our pregnant women have for us.

Now explore your closet and get ready to look your best in your fantastic maternity photo shoot!

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