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Terms and conditions

While preparing for their baby's photo session, some parents like to do some research to come up with some ideas for the session, which is okay, but it's important to realize that they may not be realistic or suit your baby. in specific or even the style and type of work of the photographer you chose.

Therefore, the ideal is to come without expectations, because according to our experience, when they exist, they are either not possible to put into practice or they put the baby's good functioning and state of relaxation at risk. However, if you have any specific idea that would be important to you, whether in terms of poses, scene composition or tones that you would like to see used, it will be essential to contact us by phone a few days before the session.

Parents should always first check the quality and working style of the photographer to ensure they have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the desired result. Some photographers focus more on the baby, others on prop-rich scenes, some on more floral scenes, and all of these styles should be discussed in advance.

Analyze the type of photographs you would like to be taken and whether the plan you chose fits with what you expect in terms of number of scenarios and participants.

A photo session that has no siblings participating and few family photos will have a different result than one in which we have to dedicate ourselves to composing scenes for siblings, individual photos with father and mother, and even others with the entire family.

Always keep in mind that an experienced and trustworthy newborn photographer will always consider the baby's tranquility, safety and well-being first and only then creativity and diversity. Never the opposite.

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