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queremos retratar a vossa família através de



uma sessão fotográfica que jamais irão esquecer


Our story began 24 years ago when we bumped into each other on the dance floor. One lived in Porto and the other in the Algarve, but the connection we had allowed us to become inseparable over the five years we lived away from each other.


We are parents of two children who are both wonderful and difficult, just like yours, and we have an imperfect family like so many others.
We started telling stories in 2013 when, between setbacks and new beginnings, fate (and us!!) wanted a hobby to turn into a professional activity, and we ended up leaving architecture and marketing behind.

Our life is like this, lived with laughter and good cheer, but above all with a lot of togetherness. We do everything as a team but don't be fooled - we are opposites of each other and when we get angry it rains staplers and broomsticks!
Where one is heart the other is brain, where one is eyes the other is mouth, and where one is disorganization the other is perfectionism. But it is at the intersection of our defects and traits that we find the balance and strength to follow this path that we hope will be as long as possible.

It was in photography that our fascination with light was born, and with it we began to dream of new and exciting ways of recording the human body.


At first we were storytellers, but our perception of life, ourselves and the world took us down paths where storytelling stopped making sense.

Our goal is bold and simple: we want to tell your family's story through artistic, attractive and minimalist images that transcend the classic family photograph. Above all, we want you to experience a unique and special day that you will always remember fondly.
And that you come back as much as possible, so that we can be witnesses of your growth from your first pregnancy, until you are old!

David e Lissette, Fotógrafos de família, Estúdio Fotográfico TwoColors, Porto


Good taste is obvious!!!
Well, it looks like this is debatable after all.
What really sets us apart is the fact that we don't just know how to take a few photographs.

Is the fact that we dedicate our entire body and soul to understanding and mastering light, equipment and, above all, human relationships to

turn a studio photo session into a relaxed, fun and emotional moment.

What makes us unique is also the fact that we do not use props. We don't know how and we don't want to.

What we want to deliver are photographs that can impress, communicate and tell your stories clearly.

We want to focus on looks, expressions and emotions.

We want to photograph your vulnerabilities, your authentic self. Here, no one will ever ask you to smile.

Whether you are 1 or 80 years old.

​What we actually have to offer you is an experience.

Of empowerment, of love, of complicity and affection.


We photograph whatever you want, as long as it's you.


I did my pregnancy session and my daughter's 3-month session with David and Lissette and I have no better recommendation!
Super friendly, they take their time for us, Lissette even took a break for my girl to sleep as she was already super tired. David is super sweet and patient 😅
Not forgetting the makeup girl who is super friendly and professional.
I came from Luxembourg to do the session with them and I wouldn't change it for anything!
I highly recommend it!

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David e Lissette,

Yes, we are experienced. Yes, we are known (just search on Google). But that's not what matters. What matters is that we deliver the best possible family photography experience.


Your photos will be out of this world.

Just like your entire experience, from beginning to end.









I hate being photographed.
Why would I hire someone to do it?

Humans have been trained to say “Cheese!” when a camera appears in front of you. It turns out that we are neither imitation monkeys nor models. Most people hate being photographed because they hate the result of that forced pose or those unnaturally dignified moments that make them feel so self-conscious. We know well that it is not easy for a camera or a photographer to go unnoticed in an indoor space, but that is why we try to ensure that while we are there, we are having fun and providing a moment of relaxation. And when we take photos we want you to look natural, seriously if that's the case, laughing if that's your best expression. One thing is for sure, we will never ask you to smile.

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