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"It is the Photographer, not the Camera, who is the instrument."

Photography Reflector Lamp




All of our training is completely personalized and adapted to the interests and needs of each photographer.

Although we have some points that we define as a guide, you are the one who decides the topics we will focus on during your mentoring, based on your experience, difficulties and skills that you feel the need to acquire or simply improve.

We will schedule a face-to-face or online meeting in advance to choose the topics that interest you most, determine the material needed for your training, and build a plan tailored to your needs.

Fashion Shooting in the Studio

What is the difference between 1:1 mentoring and a workshop?

A "one to one" training and a group workshop are two distinct methods of education, each having its own characteristics and benefits. Here we explain the differences between the two:


> CUSTOMIZATION: This type of training is highly personalized, as it involves a PHOTOGRAPHER working individually with a single student. Content can be adapted to the student's specific needs.
> INTENSE FOCUS: OPHOTOGRAPHER can focus completely on the student's skills, challenges and goals, providing more detailed attention tailored to individual needs.
> SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY: The schedule can be more flexible, allowing the student and instructor to determine times together. It does not involve such an elaborate organization, so scheduling is only limited by the schedule of both parties, which means it is easier to schedule and execute.


> COLLECTIVE LEARNING: NIn a group workshop, multiple participants share the same training, allowing participants to benefit from each other's questions, interactions, and experiences.
> LOWEST COST: Generally, group workshops tend to be more affordable as the costs are spread across participants. 
> INDIVIDUAL NEEDSIf there are specific needs that require personalized attention, one-to-one training may be more appropriate, as it is difficult for the photographer to improve the experience and individual training of students in a group workshop.

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