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Motherhood is a unique journey and should be seen and experienced as a precious gift, both before and after the baby is born. Our goal is to immortalize your narrative with authenticity and grace, through timeless portraits that you can proudly display in the heart of your home and within your family. Your personalized session will be dedicated to encapsulating the core and essence of your distinct connection with your child – from tender hugs and affectionate kisses to the joyful laughter that fills the spaces in between.




Enjoy a unique and personalized photography experience, from the first contact to the session itself, where we will guide you through the poses, and do our best to transform your ideas into simple, stunning and timeless images. Our effort is maximum when it comes to capturing the wonderful transformation that your body is experiencing as it generates life, and creating the right atmosphere to make this moment comfortable, relaxed and unforgettable.

Our sessions can be experienced individually, but we highly recommend sharing this special moment with your partner, children and/or pet. They can be performed in a studio, outdoors or in both settings.

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This is a very specific session, designed especially to record your baby's first moments of life, and our main concern in a photo session of this type is that it be a peaceful and relaxing experience for the parents, so that they can take away the best memories of the baby. your baby and this new stage in their lives. 

In these approximately 3 hours spent in the studio, our effort lies in respecting the baby's rhythm and comfort, which means not forcing something that is not natural or comfortable for them. 

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There is no ideal time to photograph our children, as in fact every day is the right time to do so, but there is something truly special about taking photographs during their first year of life. 

3-5 months: This is an ideal time to schedule a session, as your baby will be alert and communicative, but still relatively calm. Furthermore, it is a session that records the first smiles and interactions, which is truly special.

6-9 months: The sitting phase is one of the best times for photographing babies, as at this stage they sit alone, but still have reduced mobility, which makes planning and framing easier.

9-11 months: As your baby grows and begins to crawl, his or her personality will begin to reveal itself. It will be full of energy and vitality, resulting in candid and energetic photos.

1 year: With one year we have a reason to celebrate! Your baby is about to stop being one, and he is full of energy and personality, and loves exploring his environment, which means this is a milestone in his life that we shouldn't miss.

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The phase between the first and second year is the most challenging and unpredictable when photographing a child. During this period, they are authentic explorers, full of energy to run and explore the world. Having them sit down is practically impossible, as they are busy forming their personalities and want everything to be done "their way." However, when they turn two years old, they generally start to become calmer (at least, most of the time), even being able to sit still for short periods of time. From that point on, any age is appropriate, good, or ideal. Our clients often choose to schedule annual sessions to capture children's growth at special times, such as birthdays, Christmas, vacations, among others.

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Imagine a calm, warm and relaxing environment, with music capable of elevating your senses where we will play, rock, cuddle and breastfeed (if you want). Here we close the door to all problems, news and noise from outside, giving space solely and exclusively to a pure moment between mother and son. 

The aim is to create stunning images, captured spontaneously, and in a way that reflects the elegance and warmth of a simple, minimalist and intimate setting where your relationship and your love are the protagonists.

This is a session that celebrates motherhood and all the changes it brings to our lives.

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We love our studio, photographing here in the comfort of "home" is like being able to paint a blank canvas every day. However, the countryside, the beach and the city have an unpredictable and inexplicable wonder and poetry. They allow us to reinvent ourselves and build something we have never done before.
Outdoor sessions can take place in the garden, on the beach, in the countryside, in the forest, in the snow, at your home, in Portugal or Sweden. The world is the backdrop, and we go wherever we want.

Whether to record a pregnancy, a stage in your child's growth, or simply because, any age is right for this type of session.

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Contact us to clarify questions, receive more information or make your reservation. 



Our packages cover everythingWhat is necessary to provide a unique photographic experienceand relatexante.
If you want, just show up.

Pre-session meeting

Personalized Photo Session

Exclusive wardrobe

Private Gallery Online OR Selection Meeting

Cozy comfortable studio

Access to unique products

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To schedule your session, the first step will be to contact us.

This way, we will be able to check availability for both you and us, allowing us to find the perfect date for your special day.

We will provide all the necessary information to formalize your reservation.

You will then receive all the details to start planning your photo session.



After your session, we will take time to review your beautiful images together. This is the perfect time to pick out your favorites and decide on any wall art or printed products you want to order. I will be on hand to help you select the best images for your collection and choose works of art that will wonderfully highlight your memories at home. After your choices, I will use my editing skills to ensure that your photos are transformed into true masterpieces.



On your special day, arrive at the studio on time. We will select your wardrobe and take care of your hair and makeup (if you have requested this service). 

If this is your first session, don't worry - our goal is for you to be comfortable and relaxed, the beautiful photos will happen on their own if the energy flows.

Whether it's a pregnancy, newborn, baby, family or child session, you will receive all the necessary guidance on poses and how to be in front of the camera.



After your session, we will invite you to come to our studio to select the photographs, with professional advice and on larger screens. The process becomes easier, but if you prefer, you can do it alone at home. If you do it in the studio, you can use this time to choose wall prints or other printed products that you want to order.

Once your selection is complete, we will use all our editing knowledge to ensure that your photos are transformed into true works of art. 



Generally four weeks after the selection is completed, the photographs are carefully edited, ready to download, enjoy and share. Delivery is done through your private online gallery, where you can download your images in digital format and share them with friends and family. 
If your session includes printed media, these will be delivered by hand as soon as they are ready or sent by post if it is more convenient and in your interest to request this service.



If the contracted service includes albums, folios, or other types of printed products, proofs will be sent for analysis and review. At this point you can make changes, send information for recordings and dedications, and it is generally at this point that materials for the cover are chosen. 

Only after approval do the albums go to print, being ready in approximately two to three weeks.


The best time to carry out your pregnancy photo session is between 28 and 34 weeks, as by then you will already have a well-formed belly, and you will still have the energy to move and pose without major difficulties.

However, we take pregnancy photographs at any time during pregnancy, as long as you feel prepared for it.

We often take photographs earlier in cases of twin pregnancy or a second pregnancy, as the body tends to change more quickly in these cases. 

The best time to carry out a newborn photo session is between the baby's 8th and 20th day of life.

As we do a limited number of sessions per week, it is very important that you book before your baby is born, to ensure that we have a place for them at the right time.

It's never too early to schedule your session. We are sometimes able to accommodate last minute requests, but we recommend 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

If you prefer to carry out yours session on a weekend, it will be important to book 8 to 12 weeks in advance as Saturdays book up and fill up quickly.

Yes, our studio offers a complete wardrobe that includes a selection of fabrics, dresses, and tops for pregnancy sessions, and everything needed for baby sessions. 
However, it is always advisable to prepare and bring some elements that could be important to serve as a base and complement, if 
possible, as well as the clothes of the partner or husband and other family members who may participate.

All of our plans include photographs in digital format, which will be delivered to you through a platform where you can make conveniently download at your home.

The number of photographs that will be delivered to you will depend on the plan chosen.

Within a maximum period of 2 weeks, after the Session, you will be able to access your gallery to select your favorite images.

Preparing your wonderful photographs will take many hours of work, as we are very perfectionists.

Give us 4 to 6 weeks to send you the final files.

Of course yes! 

Our goal in a photo shoot is to capture the wonderful connection between the mother-to-be and her belly. But pregnancy is not something you experience alone and is generally a moment that is greatly cherished by the whole family, and therefore if you choose a full session (any one with the exception of the mini session) both the father and children are invited to take part. this unique moment in your lives.

All of our sessions include a pre-session meeting where the ideas and vision that each client has for their session are discussed, and where options in terms of style, accessories and color palette are shared, so that together we can create a plan so you can come fully informed about what to expect and bring to your session.

This is a particularly important moment as being able to meet you in advance will allow us to better prepare for your special day, and for you to live this experience with less nervousness and the right expectations. 

Throughout the session, your comfort is our priority. As professional photographers we realize that not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, but we can guarantee that if this discomfort exists it will only be temporary. After 5 minutes

You'll already feel like you're at home and posing with or without clothes will be as natural as making toast with butter.

Our years of experience allow us to guide you smoothly throughout the session, so that you can feel confident, calm and relaxed, and therefore allow the result to be nothing short of stunning.

After scheduling your session, we will send you all the tips on what you can and should bring and how to prepare. We're a full-service studio, so you don't have to worry about bringing too many clothing options. If most of the images you intend to take are artistic nudes, we recommend bringing fewer clothes.

The hair and makeup service, despite being highly recommended, is not included in our services, but can be purchased separately. It costs €60, and must be requested at the time you make your reservation.

Of course! All of our maternity sessions are personalized and adapted to the desires and needs of each client, and although we can sometimes recommend it (as well as any other possibility) all options are discussed together so that you are never uncomfortable at any point in your life. session. Some clients prefer simpler artistic nude photographs, while others prefer to be fully clothed.

We want you to feel beautiful and relaxed during your photography experience, but most importantly, we want you to feel valued in your final images. A edition Full professional treatment is included in your session and you don't need to worry about imperfections such as blemishes, stretch marks, cellulite or a lack of body definition. We specialize in editing photography, and we will not leave any detail without the improvement and transformation that we deem necessary to transform your photographs into works of art.

Babies and children are naturally unpredictable and may not cooperate as expected by their parents, as like any human being they have their good days and bad days, and we never know how they will react in an environment that is foreign to them. However, over the years, we have developed techniques and strategies to deal with different situations, so if your baby is fussy or not fully cooperative, we have gentle methods to calm them and ensure the session is as peaceful as possible. Our priority is always to create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby, and our commitment is to capture the best moments, regardless of the circumstances. The experience and care we put into each session contribute to our results, and the overwhelming majority of sessions are successful.

However, we are merely photographers, and naturally, sometimes it may be necessary to reschedule if your baby's discomfort is due to a possible illness or illness that is beyond our control.

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