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Bold, bright, elegant, simple and timeless. 


Although it may seem that in the studio it is possible to have total control, the truth is that unpredictability is part of ourday to day. That's why we adopt a relaxed approach, where we seek to guide our clients to unfamiliar places, outside of their comfort zones. We believe that it is in these moments that we can surprise them and they can surprise us, making them discover something new about themselves.

The difference between a good photograph and an incredible photograph lies in the fact that you don't wait for it, the ability to embrace challenges, and allow yourself to flow. Even when things seem out of control.

Sessão Fotográfica Newborn, Fotografia Irmãos, TwoColors, Estúdio, Porto

We are photographers, and we offer an experience of beauty, strength, confidence, love and affection in a magical moment in your family's life.

And the most important thing we have to offer clients who come to our studio is the ability to be seen, heard and appreciated regardless of their body shape, religious beliefs, skin color or stage of pregnancy.

It is the ability to understand and respect the rhythm of each baby, and to understand their needs, strengths and weaknesses and to always be able to put them ahead of any creative impulse so that their comfort and safety are never put at risk in any situation. . 

Don't know how to pose? Excellent! I have studied all the pregnancy poses and I will be able to guide you and help you choose and adopt the ones that fit your way of being.

For all women who want to feel beautiful, elegant and empowered at this stage in their lives, this is the right studio.

We want to take the best photos you've ever taken in your life, so that you can see yourself in them forever as a unique, strong and confident woman.

And for all families who want to see the true essence of their baby represented, we are your photographers!

David & Lissette



We are together in sickness and in health, in poverty and in riches, but at work,  We like to keep things separate. We are both creative, possessive and tireless when we are photographing, so we bump into each other if we work together in the studio. 

But somehow, separately but as a team, we make magic.

When we are not working, you can find us





They say that we see the world in two colors, as if we were facing a picture of contrasts that shape our perceptions. Black and white, two extremes that delineate our form, capture both sides of the human experience.


We know it's reductive to talk about life in two tones, when white alone has 67 different shades and life is a unique mix of emotions, learning and connections that go beyond any predefined palette, but talking 

Black represents our shadow side, the one we try with all our might to hide and disguise. He has with him the dark nights of the soul, the moments of uncertainty and the obstacles that confront us. However, it is black that represents power and strength, growth and overcoming.

On the other hand, white symbolizes purity, hope and light. The moments of joy, love and clarity that permeate our existence. White is the canvas on which we can paint our most vivid dreams and build a future full of possibilities. He teaches us everything about humanity and love.

This black and white dichotomy not only covers our view of the world, but also influences the choices we make. It's as if we are constantly balancing the shadows and the lights, in the incessant search for harmony and perfection.

However, we know perfectly well that not everything in life comes down to these two poles.

There are a myriad of colors and nuances that make up the palette of existence, and it is the diversity of these experiences that enriches our understanding of the world.

And it is here, in this space between black and white that we want to place you, and fill, if possible, with all the existing colors your experience in this unique and colorful moment in your lives.


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