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Large families also come to the studio!

We often think that a trip to the studio requires a special moment - a birthday, a pregnancy, a birth, etc. - but we often receive families who just want to register the fact that they are a FAMILY, and that they have one that they are proud of.

And in fact, it has never made so much sense to value "our" people, "our" nucleus and "our" haven of shelter, because if in a "pre-covid" time we easily took for granted that they would always be here, this last year and a half made us realize that this might not be the case.

What we like most about these family photo sessions is that we can't get bored! These are fantastic, fun moments, lived intensely where we can't count on the perfect photo. And it is in this type of session that we realize that the perfect photograph often lies in that small imperfection that makes it unique and unrepeatable.

See this Large Family Studio Photoshoot, a memorable photo session:

And here the complete family:

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